About BG&D’s


Who is BG&D’s?
BG – Bentley-Grace Hicks
D – Daddy

Bentley-Grace Hicks, a 13 year old Atlanta native, came up with a plan to “mix” her 2 passions of cooking and helping others.

She founded BG & D’s Brownie’s with a plan to deliver her Brownies to Atlanta families of the Buckhead Community. Now, through a strategic partnership with PREP Atlanta, BG and D’s is delivering to restaurants, stores and families in Atlanta and throughout the United States using Atlanta based UPS – United Parcel Service.

The Result… BG and D’s customers enjoy the most amazing, delicious, outrageous brownies which in turn directs money to help homeless women and children.

BG and D’s Brownies… BG’s Story

In the summer of 2012, BG’s brother Henry and his friend Walker, all decked out in their Under Amour and armed with a bucket, sponge and Dog Shampoo, set out into the neighborhood to make money washing dogs as the “Under Dog Washing Company”.

When they returned a few hours later with $25.00, BG looked over at her Dad, who was working on his computer, and said with passion… “ hey what about me? I want to earn money too!”

BG’s Dad, an entrepreneur and business accelerator, stopped what he was doing and had BG roll over to where he was working to develop a plan for her to “earn money too.” He started interviewing BG as he would any new entrepreneur that has a desire to start a business.

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